Stand While You Can

by The Spectators

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released July 26, 2014



all rights reserved


The Spectators Cleveland, Ohio

The Music is Free.
The Costs are Not.
Anything Helps.

Photos by: Sean O'Day

The Spectators are:
Joshua Jones
Michael Taddeo
& Patrick Farmer

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Track Name: Stand While You Can
No one likes a liar these days so i'll just leave my confidence at home, it's seen better days. We're all saints or fucking liars, pessimists or fucking cowards, fearless and fucking tired, the way i'm always going to be.

Stand while you can, maybe next year, some kind of hope can come my way, these eyes have seen better days. I'll pound my fears down into the floor, find my way to smile more, I can make a way this counts, i can make me count.

But for now i'll pick up where I left off i'll sing songs about the winter and how its too god damn long, but its cold just like the soul in me, looking for fear on a coated icy street, always thinking about whats best for me, god help me here i'm stuck.

But now we know we had enough
To keep our chins up
But now our confidence is up
We never really had enough
Track Name: Best of Me
I Never thought it'd come to something i would miss, like the feeling of being there for you and not feeling so damn hopeless, it's like everything is a stab in the back with your moraless kind of attitude, and it's not that i'm a little stuck up i just think i know whats best for you, and as i'm venting through this pen I really dont know how you'll feel will I say i told you so you deserve this or try again and be right there for you, when i was 15 i said the worlds a better place, but i've been dragged through the dirt, up in the sky, i've seen its true face.

It's everything we said we wouldnt be.

Just cause i see my mind, a million different ways, doesent mean i'm a liar doesent mean i feel faith, doesent mean you can throw away the best of me (the best of me)

And as i walk through my hometown, everything feels so grey, even your old house, the place i discovered that i'd be okay. But for now i'll keep on guessing, wither not you and I are okay or if you'll see my feelings as they fade away.

Just cause i see my mind, a million different ways, doesent mean i'm a liar doesent mean i feel faith, doesent mean you can throw away the best of me (the best of me)
Track Name: Let Go
(Oh!) Please tell me how to take control, tell me how to let go
(Oh!) Tell me how to make Cleveland seem brighter at night
(Oh!) Tell me how i make mistakes the more and more I try, or hope you keep me up n the phone still wanting to come home every night

Please dont tell me how I feel you know i hate that and after i'm gone I sware we'll (Never look back! Never look back! Oh!) I'm so sick of all the lies falling off your tongue almost every night, i guess this song is about you, even though i never wanted to at all

My frustrations are starting to get the Best of me, get its foot off my chst so i can breathe. And take a second to see, the only space between you and me, is 45 minutes that I can see, doesent make a difference to you or me.

My frustrations, are starting to get the best of me. Get its foot of my chest so i can breathe,
Track Name: Pat Kennedy is My Hero
(Woah!) We lost our sense of control about a year ago, and now we're stuck trying to find, stability in everything.

I don't think the kids care, Now we know the kids dont. Care.

(Woah!) We watched our dreams slip away with the leaves on the trees now i'm here trying to hold up everything.
Track Name: If These Walls Could Talk
Its not like i've seen better days, there behind me and I count the days till I find. Something to call home again. It feels like my hearts in knots and i don't know where to go or who to call my friends, or who to call when i'm alone.

but i feel like that's just the way you feel when you're frustrated, mentally underrated and I, I found the songs that describe me, so please, just leave me.

My anxiety just gets worse by the day and I, can't get by without seeing your face, even though its not mine to hold i hope you hear my voice when you're all alone because me fear breaks my bones and haunts my bedroom when i'm all, alone. And i know you're stronger than me but it all seems to catch up to us eventually.

eventually, i'll see you, and you won't even notice me.

Say the things i've always wanted to say my heart gets closer to stopping, day by day, and at night i feel my fears, they yell at me from the walls and re-infect my ears. I hope my voice just lurks in your head never really stopping till i'm dead and gone, I was wrong, I was careless, I can't believe i called myself fearless, when i was never fearless at all

I was never fearless at all, The Cleveland air shakes and stalls the thoughts in my mind,

Please break my bones turn me into stone, i hope you know when i get home, i take time just to get out of the house, just to think about something besides killing myself, and even then i still take time to think of all the things i've left behind, to help me fuel my mental rage, I guess laughing at the past is more painful these days

Say things we've always wanted to say
My shaking hands will follow me to the grave
Tell me I will see better days
Just keep my heart beating.
Track Name: The Key To Life Is In My Shirt Pocket
It's never the ones you expect to be, the ones you want to be with.

I've never felt so alone in my life, your voice echos through my bones at night

I was Looking for a sign. And your the only sign i needed.

I was looking for the sign, the one that I can't hide, from anyone and anything. And i found it, somewhere I never thought i'd be and that was rock bottom then, a Bottomed out catastrophe.

(Tell Me I'm Better Off)
(Crawling in the same way i came home)
(Tell me i'm better off!)

I'm stronger now, that i can get off the ground and find who I am, Find myself. And i'll prove to you that i'm everything you need, that I am what you see, the sad fucking bastard in front of you is who I am to Me.
So i think of giving up, Think of packing up my stuff, put it in a box with all the way things used to be. And i'll call you in a year, and introduce you to my fears, and we'll all live in perfect harmony.

And so i opened up that box that I kept, For a year now, and i'll never forget. The face she made when she told me that she loved me. She fucking loved me.

But i stood up and ran. You need to Stand While You Can.