Safe At Home

by The Spectators

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This is an album that describes the hardships of growin up and pain from loved ones and people you may have never even met, these are also 3 songs that best describe us and how we are.


released July 25, 2013



all rights reserved


The Spectators Cleveland, Ohio

The Music is Free.
The Costs are Not.
Anything Helps.

Photos by: Sean O'Day

The Spectators are:
Joshua Jones
Michael Taddeo
& Patrick Farmer

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Track Name: What Have We Done
I Think I've been looking back on the things I've been attached to, I never thought i'd feel so lost. and the only words I know is that I think that i'm a joke no I Don't think so.

well i'm still in Jj's basement shouting out the words i'll say to you, the only time when I feel happiness is when I get close to you these orange walls conceal my thoughts, I hate you. i'm sick of all these lonely nights they strike too soon. the clock is mine i'm gonna take back time, i'm gonna take whats mine. you're a different person I thought I knew I tried to help, tried to push you through, I tried to be the one, tried to talk to you, why can't that get through to you .

after you i'm screaming save me. if its your fault then why do you blame me. And its all that we could've done at the time. And I don't think that it is worth my time.

I tried a little bit harder today, but you were just staring at me the fact that falls not far away I can only hope that you will look before I fall off the branches of the trees and then i'll change colors when I hit the ground, before you leave.

what is up to you. is this the game we play is this the life that I didn't choose. What have we done. Were all brought up like were Hippocrates and running around breaking fences and burning bridges and making friends, and going out to see the same shitty bands that we love.

What Have We Done.
Track Name: Catfish
Lets Go!

I don't mean to push you away but things in my dreams keep me away from you, I feel anxiety eats the insides of me, and now I can't keep my bones from shaking. If I were me, I would be losing sleep, and the confidence from the food I don't eat. and the times we spend hanging around that bridge, reminded me of when we were kids.

I Can't stop running away, these memories still follow me am I just, running from something I don't understand? am I just running, am I just fading.

Lets Go Boys! Alright, Alright Lets Go!

(9 person banger)

Anxiety, eats the insides of me. If I wasn't 17 I'd leave this place

I Don't Want You to fix me, I Wanna do it right.
If I wasn't 17 I would leave this place.

Track Name: And We Thought We Were Heroes
First you broke yourself down, I tried to put you back on solid ground but you just turned the other way, just leave me just go away.

I've been up all night worried sick. you just told me to forget about this, now i'm stuck wishing it was summer and I was a little bit older and a little bit wiser and a little more like a hero

It's a little too cold outside to go and skate so i'll just lay in bed and pick my brain about the things that I hate, like how the snow doesent melt until the end of may, or how these Cleveland winters keep me cold 17 shouldn't feel this old.

I Wish you Couldn't see right through me, your eyes are so god damn assuming, you think you know it all but your wrong. and I'm your fucking hero after all.

What is up to you. What is up to you, is this the game w play is tis the life that i'm forced to choose, I don't wanna fix this, I wanna do it right

I've been up all night worried sick, you just told me to forget about this now i'm stuck wishing it was summer and I was a little less kind and a little more blind and a little more like your hero.